How Customizable Are Braces?

No two fingerprints or snowflakes are the same, and neither are smiles. At White Oak Dental & Orthodontics, we celebrate all our patients’ differences and strive to create functional, flattering smiles for everyone. This mission is made possible by our incredible board-certified orthodontist Dr. Lai, and by how customizable braces are! 

Customization Aspects Of Treatments

The world of orthodontics has significantly evolved, allowing patients to not only achieve effective dental corrections but also do so in style. We provide a diverse array of customizable orthodontic solutions that cater to our patients’ individual preferences and needs. Let’s check them out:

Metal & Clear Braces

In the past, patients saw fixed braces as a personal aesthetic nightmare because they were big, bulky, and eye-catching. Today, they’re smaller and less noticeable, and you can customize the appearance of your braces colors without sacrificing the integrity of your orthodontic appliances. You can choose from a variety of ligatures (the colorful bands that braces are known for) to match your style and even change the brackets.

  • Metal Braces: Traditionally, silver metal brackets have been the standard in orthodontics, known for their durability and effectiveness. They deliver a classic look and the utmost treatment flexibility.
  • Gold Braces: As an elegant alternative to silver brackets, gold braces from Iconix are a popular choice for those looking for a touch of luxury in their orthodontic treatment. The champagne color coating on the brackets offers our more adventurous and bold patients an exciting and fun aesthetic.
  • Clear Braces: For those seeking a more understated approach, clear braces are an excellent option. The brackets for clear braces are made from ceramic materials that closely match the natural color of your teeth to blend into your smile, making them inconspicuous at a casual glance. You can pair the ceramic brackets with matching ligatures or use colored bands for a neon-like pop of color.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners like the Invisalign and Spark we offer represent the pinnacle of personalized orthodontic treatment. These aligners are made from transparent, flexible material and have the convenience of being removable, facilitating easier eating and cleaning. All of our aligners are custom-made using 3D technology (see How Technology Allows Us To Customize Braces below) for a virtually invisible treatment that is 100% made for you.

How Customizable Are Braces?

How Technology Allows Us To Customize Braces

Modern orthodontics heavily relies on cutting-edge technology to customize treatments, ensuring that each patient receives care meticulously tailored to their specific needs. 

Digital imaging, including advanced X-rays and intraoral scanners, provides orthodontists like White Oak Dental & Orthodontics’ Dr. Lai with detailed views of your teeth, gums, and facial structure. This level of clarity is indispensable, as it allows us to quickly create accurate models of the teeth and jaws, which are used to plan movements that align with your unique dental anatomy (see Customizing Braces With Personalized Treatment Plans section below). 

The data collected is also used to simulate treatment outcomes so you can visualize the potential results before starting treatment, guaranteeing the best possible results and experience. How cool is that? (Bonus Benefit: A sneak peek of what you or your child is working toward can be a huge motivator in following out-of-office instructions and completing orthodontic treatment.)

How Customizable Are Braces?

Customizing Braces With Personalized Treatment Plans

Every person who walks through our doors and sits in Dr. Lai’s chair brings their own goals, concerns, and wonderfully one-of-a-kind bodies. These differing and sometimes tricky situations mean that each patient’s smile is a puzzle for her to solve, and with no two answers being exactly the same, personalized treatment plans are a must. 

At your consultation, Dr. Lai and her team will perform X-rays, digital scans, and a thorough examination. After analyzing the information collected from this, she’ll create a personalized plan that will include which treatment options can help you achieve your dream smile, the best location to place your brackets (if applicable), how quickly your teeth will move, what movement path they should follow, and more.

As you go through your treatment, she’ll continue to personalize your braces with necessary adjustments, such as tightening or loosening your wires or adjusting the size, orientation, and placement of attachments on your Invisalign or Spark aligners to exert the right amount of force in the right direction. This level of customization sees to it that each phase of treatment is effective and patient comfort is maintained.

How Customizable Are Braces?

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