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A Clear Vision for Your Smile

White Oak Dental and Orthodontics is delighted to provide innovative clear braces, blending sophistication with effectiveness for a game-changing approach to dental care.

Revamp your grin with the strength of braces and the subtlety of a modern solution that lets your smile take center stage every step of the way.

What Are
Clear Braces?

Clear braces operate much like traditional metal braces. Still, they're far less noticeable. Made from transparent ceramic, these braces blend effortlessly with your natural tooth color, offering a nearly invisible route to a straighter smile.

Using the same brackets and wires as metal braces, they gently move your teeth into their ideal spots. And with the subtle look of clear braces, you can smile freely throughout your entire treatment.

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Ceramic Vs. Metal Braces

Clear Contrasts from Traditional Braces

Each orthodontic solution has its pros and cons, and that's true even when comparing different braces. Let's explore what sets these two options apart.



Metal braces are hard to miss, but clear braces are a more understated choice. Their see-through ceramic brackets meld with the color of your teeth, providing a natural appearance that's especially attractive to adults and professionals who prefer a less conspicuous option.


The Might Behind the Smile

Metal braces are highly durable and designed to withstand daily wear and tear. In contrast, clear braces constructed from ceramic are also resilient but may require more cautious handling to avoid potential damage.

Treatment Duration

Both metal and clear braces are effective in correcting dental misalignments. However, due to the greater pressure tolerance of metal brackets, some patients may experience quicker results than those using clear braces.



Clear braces generally come with a higher price tag than metal braces, reflecting their aesthetic advantages and the cost of the ceramic material used.



Both clear and metal braces allow for fun personalization through the use of vibrant elastics. While clear braces are designed for subtlety, they can also stand out if you choose.

Typically, we opt for clear elastics to maintain a low profile, but you're welcome to add a splash of color for a more dynamic look.

Why Choose Clear Braces?

Clear braces offer the best of both worlds: the effectiveness of traditional braces and the subtlety of clear aligners. Here's a closer look at the many perks of opting for ceramic braces for your smile makeover:


Low-Profile Look

The standout feature of clear braces is their understated appearance. They allow you to go through your orthodontic treatment without the appearance of metal brackets. This makes them popular among adults and teens who prefer a less noticeable orthodontic solution.


Versatile & Efficient

Clear braces are as effective as metal braces in treating various orthodontic issues. From crowded teeth to bite problems, these braces can handle everything while keeping your smile looking natural.


Easy Upkeep

One of the conveniences of clear braces is their resistance to staining and discoloration. A simple cleaning routine keeps them looking as good as new, making your treatment journey smooth sailing.

Elegant Durability

Don't let their clear appearance fool you — these braces are crafted from durable ceramic. Our team designs them to withstand the rigors of orthodontic adjustments, ensuring they stay in top shape throughout your treatment.


Comfortable Fit

Clear braces are designed with a smooth texture, often making them more comfortable to wear than metal options. Their rounded edges minimize the chance of mouth irritation, offering a more enjoyable adjustment process.


Personalization to Fit Your Style

If you want to add flair, you can jazz up your clear braces with colorful elastics. Elastics let you have fun with your look while enjoying the main advantage of a discreet treatment.

Is the Clear Choice the Right Choice for You?

Are you thinking about a less noticeable way to align your teeth? Clear braces could be just what you're looking for. While they offer a subtler approach to orthodontic care, they work better for some orthodontic issues than other ones. Let's explore if they match your needs.

Start with Professional Guidance

Your journey begins with a consultation from a seasoned orthodontist. Dr. Lai will evaluate your specific orthodontic condition, daily routine, and aspirations for your smile to recommend the most appropriate treatment for you.


What You Should Know

Clear braces are an excellent choice if you're seeking an easy treatment on the eyes, making them ideal for working professionals or adults revisiting orthodontic care.

However, you may require a different option better suited for more complicated orthodontic challenges. Rest assured — Dr. Lai will collaborate with you to identify the best solution for your situation.

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Your Clear Roadmap to a Better Smile

White Oak Dental & Orthodontics is your trusted source for smile transformations in Avenel. We're thrilled to provide our community with the modern and discreet option of clear ceramic braces.

Schedule a no-cost consultation and discover what makes us a local favorite!